Our Breathe Culture Pledge

Our culture is the foundation of what SCL Managed Services is built upon, and our values are what guide our interactions with our customers and our employees alike, from start to finish.

The Breathe Culture Pledge is a way in which we can officially, and publically commit to invest in our people and propel our business forward, by signing the Pledge we proudly acknowledge this devotion and the responsibility that all businesses have in terms of creating a progressive workplace where employees feel valued and appreciated, as we want our employees to be proud of the company they work for and for its values!

We believe in being the best you can be by habitually living a life of self-improvement and development, reaching fulfilment and taking pride in helping others to feel valued, and having total trust in all that you do and say. Our vision is to always be working towards building a trusted sustainable team, that delivers great service, and excelling the needs of our customers.

It’s fantastic to be apart of an initiative that has brought together hundreds of like-minded businesses in demonstrating their dedication to invest in their people and drive the business forward. Being actively involved in positive workplace culture is essential to small business productivity, as toxic cultures are estimated to cost the UK economy £23.6 billion annually. But, to date, more than 250 UK small businesses have signed the Pledge since being launched in 2018, which is great news for employee development, wellbeing and productivity!

Workplace culture is an essential aspect of business strategy and the key to creating an inclusive, progressive environment which supports employees and recognises their achievements. We believe this is the key to productivity, people’s happiness, personal development and therefore overall business success!

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