Saving Money & Raising Compliance

Why Raise Compliance?

Our customers don’t want breakdowns and equipment not working, especially as we’ve now dived into winter, as we begin to switch on our heating, what happens when it doesn’t come on because it hasn’t been maintained adequately throughout the year?

A maintenance regime is, therefore, a really important plan to consider to prevent breakdowns from occurring. Not all, but most and inadvertently saves you money at the same time.

In addition, laws existing around the health and safety of your buildings can be both obvious (such as gas safe regulations and the servicing of boilers) and concealed. We, as experts in our field, are here to make compliance regulations which are more ambiguous, clear and transparent to you, so to prevent you from harming your business and protecting personal liability. We ensure this doesn’t happen by making you fully compliant.


How do we do it? 

Whilst planning your works effectively we aim to give the best possible value. We do this by employing our own multi-tasking engineers who undertake multiple disciplines, this then saves on time and travel costs which occur when engineers come back and forth to the site, and ceases the deployment of many different engineers each time. By effective management of the maintenance process, we are able to provide customers with increased compliance, at a better value.

We look at every service you’ve got in your building as well as your assets/equipment and we advise, making sure you’re neither over-compliant (costing you unnecessary money) nor under-compliant (breaching regulations) and only spending what you need to spend.


You can find lots of information on our site for any specific services you’re looking to learn more about, or you can always contact us via our contact page.