Saving Money & Raising Compliance

Why Raise Compliance? Our customers don’t want breakdowns and equipment not working, especially as we’ve now dived into winter, as we begin to switch on our heating, what happens when it doesn’t come on because it hasn’t been maintained adequately throughout the year? A maintenance regime is, therefore, a really important plan to consider to

Getting Best Value

You want to receive the most desirable combination of cost, quality and sustainability from a supplier and your supply chain to meet your organisation’s goals and requirements. But weighing up the balance between these qualities is difficult, you find too low a cost, and you’ll likely lose out on the quality of products and service, or,

The Importance of Reliability

Teaming up with a reliable supplier means receiving quality, timeliness, competitiveness and innovation, which are all qualities we hope to find and receive continuously throughout the supply chain relationship. But it can be difficult to determine which supplier is more reliable over another, or who actually does what they say they do. So, what can you do to

ISO9001:2015 Renewed till 2022

We are proud to announce we have renewed our ISO 9001:2015 registration until 2022. ISO9001:2015 pecifies requirements for a quality management system when an organisation: a) needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and b) aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the

Tomorrow FM: Education & Student Facilities

Trudi Osborne talks about how to create the right environment in schools in Tomorrow’s FM Septemeber 2019 Magazine. She focuses on the impact of inadequate facilities, cleanliness and ways to encourage good hygiene in schools by making the washroom environment an inviting place. She also touches on the practicalities of certain facilities and equipment including

Pros and Cons to Outsourcing

PROS Fewer contracts to manage means you’re lowering invoicing costs. A service provider will take over a significant number of invoices for you, which will result in saving customer transaction costs. A single point of contact also means you and your school team spend less time and resources on procurement and managing multiple engineers and

Our Breathe Culture Pledge

Our culture is the foundation of what SCL Managed Services is built upon, and our values are what guide our interactions with our customers and our employees alike, from start to finish. The Breathe Culture Pledge is a way in which we can officially, and publically commit to invest in our people and propel our