One-Stop Shop

Benefits of a One-Stop Shop


Outsourcing continues to deliver more complex services, under one point of control. Find out how you can simplify your procurement process and create greater consistency across your FM operations with SCL Managed Services.




Lower Costs

When one supplier provides numerous services under one roof, they then have the ability to manage their delivery. This means that services which would usually require visits from separate suppliers can instead be undertaken in one visit, and, by a multi-skilled engineer. The savings made on managing the delivery of service, and combining servicings in a single visit can then be passed on to the customer. This is explained further by Gary in the video below.

Better Communication

When the supply chain is simplified, communication becomes simplified, quicker and is more effective. Poor communication in procuring services and in the continued delivery of services is time-consuming, frustrating and costly. With access to just one-point of call, you diminish the chances of miscommunication and time-delays. This not only saves money and unnecessary stress but results in a stronger relationship between supplier and customer.

Simplified procurement process

Because the procurement of services is all under one roof, this means the process can get started as soon as possible, there are no other conflicts or any waiting for other suppliers before work can commence. Resulting in maintenance becoming quick and convenient, removing the hassles which come with managing multiple suppliers.

Greater Consistency across FM operations

Achieving consistency across all your buildings maintenance needs is challenging. You need to know what needs servicing and when, the efficiency and life expectancy of your assets, and the changes in regulations to ensure you’re still compliant, safe and protecting your personal liability to name a few. When you use different service providers keeping track of what’s been done as well as keeping track of the quality of service can become complex and ultimately, demanding. By using a single supplier, all necessary reports, information, and quality checks are reported to you directly and consistently. All you need to do is ensure the supplier is delivering what you agreed on.

Alignment with the customer’s needs 

Once a supplier learns how a particular facility wants to run, they can then replicate this across the customer’s other facilities. They’ve then aligned themselves with the needs, wants, and goals of the customer, this means this can then be scaled up across multiple sites and echoed across the organisation. This helps the customer achieve greater goals such as reduction of costs, maintaining steady levels of productivity, or, greater consistency within their organisation.





  1. You’re worried about putting all your eggs in one basket.

We understand that it can be daunting to rely on one supplier for all your works, and using different suppliers means you can try to minimise risk of let down and potentially juggle costs. But once the correct supplier is found, doing so allows the supplier to offer you more as they understand more about your organisation. Your relationship is strengthened by this knowledge, and the customer gains a higher quality of service from them. Sometimes a little leap of faith can bring the benefits you’re looking for.

2. It’s working OK the way we’re doing it

If it works, it works and we don’t want you to change your process if it’s working well for you. But if it’s ‘OK’, could it be better? A more efficient, more cost-effective, and a simplified, less time-consuming process? Saying it works is ok, but don’t knock em down quite yet if there is a possibility of doing things even better. Give suppliers the opportunity to provide you with solutions and ideas on how it could be better, what have you got to lose?

4. You were unaware of all these services under one company

Some people are unaware of the extensive range of services facilities maintenance suppliers can offer all under one roof. Meaning we can take care of the big stuff and the little things, from fit-out projects to PAT testing, saving you time and saving your budget. We are here to act as an extension of your own workforce and enhance people lives, even if this means making your life a little easier, and giving you more time to focus on what you do best.



Next Steps…

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