SCL Managed Services Ltd prides itself on the All Star Team we are creating.

Good News! We are Currently Recruiting for Electricians, Plumbers, Electrical Estimators, Mechanical Estimators and Contract Managers

Our All Star Team creates opportunity and in turn a growing company.

Together we learn continuously and strive to create a constantly improving company that serves its customers better than any other team outside of our own.

Our Team is smart and successful, always staying above the line taking ownership, being accountable and being responsible, unlike failing teams who blame, make excuses and are in denial. We strive to ensure we have the right balance in life between Family, Career, Health and Friends. A healthy life balance ensurers peak performance.

It’s really easy to join our team providing of course you meet our points of culture, having high morals, a desire to grow and improve yourself, a generous and caring nature giving freely to others, commitment to a cause and stick-ability.

If you want to be the best you can be then your future career lies with us.

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