Sustain Facilities Management, Ben Toller 

” Since SCL have become our principle contractor for all HVAC Services our SLA Achievement has exceeded any and all targets. This coupled with what is clearly a skilled workforce meaning either first time fixes or effective diagnoses has seen our delivery improve to levels not previously reached. I would highly recommend SCL for any

Electrical Testing & Inspection

In 2012 regulations were amended and Electrical Installation Condition Reports were born. More emphasis has been placed on the visual inspection with the actual report guiding the testing engineer through the inspection and test process in accordance with the Wiring Regulations British Standards 7671 and the IET Guidance Note 3 for Inspection and Testing. Electrical

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Heating & Hot Water Systems

  The services provided by us include Heating and Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Pipework, Plumbing, Sprinkler Systems, Lagging, Controls, Flues, High and Low Voltage Electrical Power Distribution, Lighting, Datacoms, and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) We work with most major manufacturers to supply the best in service plant and equipment and at the most competitive prices. You

Surge Protection

What do you mean your company doesn’t have surge protection?   We challenge you to check off how many of these appliances and devices you use in your building daily:  Phones    Laptops    Computers    TVs    Routers    Dishwashers    Kettle    Microwave    CCTV    Chargers    Fire Alarms    Lights    Fridges    Photocopiers