SCL Managed Services are Cyber Essentials Certified

Great News! SCL Managed Services has been assessed agaisnt the Cyber Essentials Scheme Test Specification and has been certified! 

Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme which enables us to guard agaisnt the most common cyber threats, and allows us to have a clear picture of our security level. We are commited towards securing our IT against cyber attacks, and keeping equipment and the confidentiality, integrity and avaliability of data stored protected.

How did we get certified? 

  1. We had to verify our IT is suitably secure (make sure our computers and software meet a set of requirments) before moving on to the next stage.
  2. We had to complete the Certification Questionnaire based on the requirments Cyber Essentials puts on the installation, configuration and maintenance of your IT.
  3. The questionnaire is submitted to the Accreditation Body for review.

See our certificate here: Cyber Essentials Basic Certificate 2019