Electrical Testing & Inspection

In 2012 regulations were amended and Electrical Installation Condition Reports were born. More emphasis has been placed on the visual inspection with the actual report guiding the testing engineer through the inspection and test process in accordance with the Wiring Regulations British Standards 7671 and the IET Guidance Note 3 for Inspection and Testing.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports are commonly known as EICR, FWT or Fixed Wire Testing, EIT or Electrical Inspection and Testing and were formally known as Periodic Inspection and Testing, PIR.

Do you need to Inspect and Test?

The law simply requires an employer to ensure that precautions are taken against the risk of death or personal injury from electricity at work activities. A record of the condition of electrical systems must be kept. It is up to the responsible person in the company to assess risk and set the maintenance regime to ensure the Electricity at Work Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act are complied with.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report undertaken correctly would determine any defects that may exist in the electrical system and highlight them in the report. Once the defects are corrected the report demonstrates due diligence affording you compliance and giving you complete peace of mind. If you are unsure what you need to do then speak to us and we can advise you once we have reviewed your specific needs relevant for your workplace. We are here to help you.

The fact is many organisations large and small choose to contract SCL Managed Services Ltd to undertake Electrical Installation Condition Reports for them so they can demonstrate compliance with Health and Safety law. Our customers say we are leaders in our field of expertise.

Reports are generated quickly and are available to our customers via email or dropbox. We issue you a free defects quotation, if required, as well as different service levels dependant on your budget which can include board charts, schematic drawings and full labelling of all sockets and switches.


We want our customers to trust us and the service we give them so they know we will not exaggerate defects to make profit.

Customer feedback has told us that their compliance test report shows over 65% of defaults as minor. We have been listening and to help our customers we now include all of these minor repairs in the price of the test.

The defect repairs included within the test price are:

  • Voltage warning labels
  • RCD test labels
  • Electrical Inspection and test labels.
  • Fitting of grommets where holes exist in enclosures and trunking (up to 32mm)
  • Replacement of trunking lids (where lids exist on-site)
  • Replacement accessory screws (lights, spurs and socket outlets)
  • Replacement housing screws (isolators and distribution boards)
  • Replacement of blanks on distribution boards (where they are still manufactured)

We have all heard horror stories about rogue traders.

Our offer of free defect repairs proves that we are not one of them.

At SCL Managed Services Ltd we always work for a WIN/WIN, it’s part of our culture! We guarantee to be in complete alignment with you and to work as a team for mutual benefit.

If you are looking for a Company who you can trust then look no further… Call us today and introduce yourself 01621 850202 or email us sales@sclmanagedservices.com