SCL Managed Services supply Power Factor Correction Installation and Maintenance Services throughout London, Essex and the South of the UK.

This system is used to reduce your bills, reducing the necessary power from the grid. We offer an analysis and design service of your current electrical requirements.

To correct the power factor we install a capacitor with the optimum size for your installation to compensate for the reactive power required by the load.

We have solutions for either for single phase or tree-phase, for low voltage or medium voltage. Static or automatic solutions also exist as a function of your requirements. With an automatic capacitors’ system, the correction will change as a function of the installation, but it’s more expensive.

We are here to help you.

At SCL Managed Services Ltd we always work for a WIN/WIN, it’s part of our culture! We guarantee to be in complete alignment with you and to work as a team for mutual benefit.

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