SCL Managed Services Ltd introduces you to ‘FREE2TEACH®’ our bespoke building maintenance management solution for Schools and other educational organisations.

Can You Be Confident Your School Is Safe?

We can take away the burden of ensuring your school is safe leaving you Free 2 Teach.

FREE* Compliance Audit

Apply today for your FREE* Health and Safety Compliance Audit. We will undertake a full audit of your building services such as electrical, mechanical, fire, heating and ventilation systems to ensure your compliance with Health and Safety Law.

Contact us NOW as there are a limited number of FREE* places available.

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The management of building maintenance can be a complicated one, trying to keep up to date with all the changing regulations and remaining in full compliance with legislation is time consuming and expensive, not to mention the cost of non-compliance which is not just measured in monetary terms.

SCL Managed Services Ltd takes away the maintenance burden from head teachers and their staff leaving you free to teach whilst we ensure full compliance is achieved throughout your buildings. As your expert advisors we work with you as part of your team to fully understand your direct and specific needs so to deliver a seamless, cost effective solution encompassing every aspect of building maintenance.

And it doesn’t stop at maintenance, we also undertake project works and minor installation works for all Electrical and Mechanical Services…all under one roof.

The services we provide enable you to be fully compliant with Health & Safety law when managing your buildings, not to mention the sustainability and environmental impacts. We work with you to plan your essential and non-essential services then undertake the servicing requirements with a Best Value Guarantee. You also receive a FREE Year Planner for all works.

* Compliance audit net costs can be claimed against future remedial/maintenance works.