SCL Managed Services delivers new technology that reduces energy use

Book your FM & Energy Assessment with one of our specialists today. We can provide a number of energy solutions that not only deliver the results you require but use between 30% and 50% less energy. At a time when energy is increasingly expensive and carbon reduction is a business essential, SCL Managed Services “efficient” building services solutions provide a cost effective, greener and a more effective method to dehumidify, cool, heat, power and light your building.

Let us help you?

Energy saving is at the heart of our mission. Apply now for your no cost energy audit by calling 01621 850202 or email

We guarantee to deliver to you clearly identified methods of reducing energy which if you choose can be provided and serviced directly by our highly skilled workforce either immediately or over a planned time period. We will also advise you of the Grants available to you which in some cases deliver a pay back rather than a pay out.

Ask us about PV solutions and the government energy buy back tariffs that will give you an income for 25 years.