Energy Efficient Lighting has evolved over the last few years and we are now seeing LED and Dimming Fluorescent Lighting in the mainstream helping businesses and building owners reduce their energy budgets dramatically.

It is important that any lighting scheme is well designed for purpose by an expert as lighting levels can be greatly increased when replaced with modern lighting. It may be that the amount of lights required to light an area can be reduced without compromising light levels, this would further reduce energy usage. When a lighting design is presented it’s important for the customer to know what energy saving can be expected and of course how long it would take to pay back the capital cost of the lighting installation. SCL Managed Services Ltd work with you to identify the best value solution and shortest payback possible so you can quickly enjoy the monetary savings afforded with Energy Efficient Lighting.

LED lighting has proven ultra-efficient for our customers with the variety of applications for their use staggering. Light levels are very impressive with installations near to the point of daylight indoors. Existing traditional fluorescent ceiling grid lighting can be directly replaced with an LED equivalent offering energy savings of between 40-60%. Alternatively, low wattage fluorescent T5 controlled by presence detection, dimmable as an option, can be installed to reduce energy consumption. There are also low wattage replacements for all types of architectural lighting available.

It is important that any company you choose to install your new lighting scheme are registered on the Electrical Safety Register as you want to ensure the installation is undertaken safely and correctly. Registered companies like ours are audited periodically to ensure they meet the high standards laid down and it’s your protection if anything was to go wrong. Contact us for more details on how we can help you reduce energy and save you money. Ask us about Green Deal.

At SCL Managed Services Ltd we always work for a WIN/WIN, it’s part of our culture! We guarantee to be in complete alignment with you and to work as a team for mutual benefit.

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