Truly efficient and compliant ductwork cleaning.

We have experience in working in a variety of building from Schools and Colleges, Office, Warehouse and Medical Facilities. It has been discovered that in hospitals that temperature and humidity levels allied with accumulations of dust and debris, typically found in uncleaned air conditioning ductwork, provides ideal conditions for the growth and spread of infectious micro-organisms such as MRSA. In a similar way, infections such as flu and the common cold will spread throughout the workplace if systems are not maintained and cleaned.

Not only is it essential to get ductwork cleaned periodically to prevent harmful build up of bacteria and mould, in order to ensure that conditions for building occupants are comfortable and safe, building owners and managers have both a ‘duty of care’ and legal obligations to ensure that ventilation systems are kept clean.

In order for your ductwork systems to be properly cleaned you will need the services of a professional company like us at SCL Managed Services.

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