About SCL Managed Services Ltd

SCL Managed Services Ltd, offer a Best Value guaranteed building maintenance solution built on a reputation for excellent quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, to your exact requirements.

We have many years of expertise in delivering sustainable maintenance solutions to our customers who range from very large well well-known organisations to smaller ones. We specialise in maintaining all commercial, industrial and public buildings including but not limited to hotels, hospitals, social housing, offices, manufacturing plants, schools colleges and universities.

Regardless of the size of your company you shall receive high levels of sustainable service delivery that will be tested and measured throughout the process to ensure complete satisfaction. We view our customers as partners.

Our aim is to work proactively with you by pre-planning service delivery with the view to minimize breakdowns and prolong the life of your plant and equipment. We also protect you through compliance with business critical legislation; our compliance audits can help you achieve this. With so many companies now in the market place offering building services why would you choose SCL Managed Services Ltd? With SCL Managed Services Ltd you will have one point of contact dedicated to delivering your service as per your requirements. Your account manager will ensure life is easy for you when it comes to building services.

Our Customers say we are a breath of fresh air!

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