As a registered REFCOM HVAC contractor installing and maintaining refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment we are legally required to track the use of refrigerant gas.

Our CAFM System JobLogic provide us with F-Gas tracking and reporting module within our system which has been developed in conjunction with Refcom.

See the JobLogic Refcom Tracking Module in Full below:

Gas Cylinder Management

 Stock control of all gas bottles
 Digital management of cylinder locations
 Helping to minimise rental charges on bottles


 Automatically updated F-Gas logbook
 Every asset easy to reach for inspection
 Data synchronisation of every service visit & leak check

F-Gas Tracking

 Asset tracking – identify recurring problems
 Generate compliance certificates and data for clients
 Create waste transfer notes where applicable

F-Gas on Joblogic Mobile

Joblogic Mobile enables our engineers to record every F-Gas transaction on their mobile app. This means that all instances of gas use and leak tests are recorded. The engineer completes a simple electronic form which links the gas type used and quantity to the customer, site, system, asset and cylinder serial number. Joblogic will automatically attach a PDF of the F-Gas transaction to each job where gas is used. This provides a full audit for our back office compliance team.

Customer Reporting

Thanks to JobLogic we can produce detailed FGAS reports for our customers when we need them at the click of a button. Reports can be broken down into date ranges, sites, systems and assets. We can report by gas type used, engineer and quantities. If they prefer you can give our clients access to dashboards inside the Joblogic Customer Portal and they can download or print their own reports on demand.

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